Unlock Custom Quests!

Certain quests and types of storylines will be unlocked as the players’ levels up when they participate in game sessions. The DM Team will help track down a beloved missing mentor, discover evidence of that creature once thought to be extinct, and fulfill oaths to purge the land of the undead!

When Will This Play Out?

A “Season” is the three month story arc coordinating with the Tiers of levels (more about this later). Over a Season, each player who has played 75% or more of the game nights during that time will get one personalized story to mark the occassion of “graduating” into a new tier, a customized quest will be created by the DM Team to further develop personal goals.

These stories can be played out at an early regular session of the next Season, OR may be done as Downtime, OR may be done as a special session if the players and DM would like to. Exact details should be discussed with the DM, and even among the players at the table.

These stories will then become famous deeds, rumors, or create new facts about the world of Ludos.

What Can This Look Like?

Here are some examples of great stories that players might choose to tell, which will add flavor to the world:

  • The player’s character travels home, which is under a threat related to the main campaign. Create that home – a town, castle, outpost, etc. and create a threat related to the character with the DMs help
  • The player character’s family member sends a message to them containing concerning news – who is this new character and what lengths will the character go to in helping them?
  • The animals in the nearby area have been acting strangely. They no longer seem to fear people, and are all suffering an insatiable hunger for meat… even the herbivores.
  • A shopkeeper, while renovating the root cellar of his business, discovers a strange, stone door behind a shelf. He fears to enter it, but trusting the player character, asks them to explore it.
  • Really ANY adventure hook a player likes can be personalized to add flavor to the campaign and build the world.

Players get one of these stories 3 times in a year-long campaign session, roughly every 5 levels, after each season. They must sign up for the next season to get it.

Planning for the Future

Our player characters will start at level one (Lv.1) and aim to become local heroes in the village of Flower Rock. With this, a group hunts down what has happened to the missing livestock before commanding an army against an otherwordly invasion.

The levels are grouped into Tiers to balance the challenges presented.

Tier 1: Levels 1 – 4 (coordinate before Lv. 8)
Tier 2: Levels 5 – 10 (coordinate before Lv. 12)
Tier 3: Levels 11 – 16 (coordinate before Lv. 17)
Tier 4: Levels 17 – 20!

A player’s personalized adventure will make a permanent addition to the game’s wiki, which grows over time, and may be used by other tables for future adventure hooks.