“Bellitia is the God of War and Justice.”

– Lorekeeper Rem

Basic Knowledge

Pronouns: She / Her
Category: Elder Deity
Domain: War
Realm: Belli-sono
Symbol: Teal bubble with sprouting seed inside


Whenever Bellitia appears, it is with force and bravado. She appears confident, decisive and clear. She comes stoic, determined and bold. Belletia is reliable yet rebellious. She is loyal to Justice above all and says that no atrocity should go unanswered. There is a place for War, when something unforgivable has been committed and there has not been a response.


Bellitia’s blessing comes as a wristband or belt. It is a representation of the contract she expects when she imparts her blessing. Those that break the contract, see the band wither and fade before their eyes and feel a sense of terror at their act of disloyalty. It imbues the wearer with wisdom and constitution.

The ability to see, for true, what is coming and the strength to withstand it. Sometimes it can come in the form of a resistance, to help support and make the wearer feel secure, from whatever injustice they might face.


Belli-sono is a place of camaraderie and loyalty. It is immaculate and clean, constantly tended by people who take the time to maintain its beauty and strength. Those that you find on the well-ordered streets of Belli-sono foster cooperation and reliability. Here, you feel a true sense of interdependence and a strength in the bonds those form with each other. It is a true community, stable and courageous, ready and willing to champion any just cause.