“Calotep is the God of Light.”

– Lorekeeper Rem

Basic Knowledge

Pronouns: They / Them
Category: Elder Deity
Domain: Light
Realm: Calo-sono
Symbol: Torch, lit with a rainbow of light


Calotep appears with confidence and strength. They also bring a party. Those in Calotep’s presence feel their spirits lifted and are inspired with joy. The atmosphere becomes light, joyful and evocative.


Calotep’s blessing appears as a crown upon ones head or a fan of colors hanging somewhere from their body. It grants confidence and charisma while banishing fear and doubt.

People pray for Calotep for a way forward, answers or the truth. When the prayers are answered, the benefit is great but not always what was expected. Some pray to Calotep for joy or simply to give gratitude for the joy in life itself.


Calo-sono is filled with dancing lights and prisms. There, you find colorful buildings, plants and art. Mirth and happiness flow within those that walk it and the environment as well.

Calo-sono is the brightest of the realms in afterlife. Any question goes answered but the answers often quickly become forgotten.