“Sienel is the God of Instruction.”

– Lorekeeper Rem

Basic Knowledge

Pronouns: She / They
Category: Elder Deity
Domain: Knowledge
Realm: Sien’sono
Symbol: Frozen black feather with golden bands across it


Whenever Sienel appears, it is with a gift of truesight and comprehend languages. The world becomes clearer and easier to understand and accept. They are always overburdened by supplies, books, scrolls and materials and appear to be ready to take on any challenge.


Sienel can grant immunity to charm and/or being paralyzed. She often gives small tools to help gain knowledge including notebooks, written books, small puzzles or elaborate designs to intrigue and delight the mind. She can also enhance perception and insightfulness.


Sien-sono is a peaceful place. There is a slight breeze and gentle lakes that sweep across the flat landscape. It is filled with philosophers and beautiful small structures covered in runes and script.

Most of the time, Sien-sono is nearly silent. However, at the center of the realm is a huge dome with a strange device inside. The device has thousands of marble-like spheres that roll along rails, circling and in constant motion. It is here that people go to find an answer, if they seek one.