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As your character advances,
gain access to personalized plotlines

Terrain, custom writing, painted miniatures, battle mats, and trained DMs

What is Epic D&D?

Level up your D&D

Epic D&D is an ongoing playstyle that puts YOU, the players, into the driver’s seat when it comes to the story. It’s also great way to learn D&D for the first time. Best of all, as your characters progress, our professional DM team weaves YOUR CHARACTER into the tale, creating the world around the choices made along the way.

Players are raving about Epic D&D!

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our last season’s players say!

This has been the best D&D experience I’ve ever had… this is my favorite thing I do all week!

Aaron C.

Season 1 player

Co-op cross-table play is the most enjoyable part of the experience – it’s really nothing like what we do at home!


Learn to Play Session Player

When [my wife] comes home she talks about it for an hour or more to tell me everything that is happening, so she’s definitely having a blast!

Rob D.

Season 1 player

We know how to have fun!

After years of Just Games hosting D&D tables on Monday nights and the success of our “How to Play” workshops at the Strong Museum of Play, we want offer a premium program to step up your Dungeons & Dragon experience by creating this ongoing storyline campaign WITH YOU!


Each week we go on adventures at the table within the game world within the same timeline.


There will be a steady stream of dynamic events in-person, fun ways to interact online, and more!


The DM Team and players will grow the story and world around our adventures!


We strive to nurture a safe space where folks can come together to learn and play D&D.

Award-winning visuals

Enjoy the best tabletop terrain experience in gaming

Dwarven Forge is absolutely the top of in-person D&D terrain – fully painted, with LED lighting and resin water effects, your characters will not just inhabit your mind, but the table itself. Our pro DMs bring this experience fully to life before your eyes!

Join the world

In the land of Ludos, we hold weekly games featuring player-centric story threads, culminating in multi-table crossover special events that have the potential to change the campaign and world setting.

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The DM Team

Our Dungeon Masters and creative consultants bring a cumulative century of
Dungeons & Dragons running experience to our Epic D&D tables


Dungeon Master
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Dungeon Master
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Dungeon Master
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Dungeon Master
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Dungeon Master
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Dungeon Master
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Store Owner
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Epic D&D Admin
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Join the game players are calling…

“The best game of 
 I’ve ever played.”

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