Join us on Tuesday nights at Just Games Rochester for an epic game of interactive D&D, run by professional DMs who are teachers, therapists, actors, and other related professions in their day jobs! It’s perfect for learning to play, but experienced players are also welcome.

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The Goal

We want to have fun playing D&D 5e with open-minded, respectful, inclusive, and supportive folks.

The Concept

Having groups of adventurers exploring the same world we create together as part of a premier D&D 5e project developed and hosted by Just Games Rochester. Players can come and go from week to week, but time marches on as the stories are written together. Choices and events will affect the world and one another.

The Rules

We will be following the game mechanics found in the current publication of the Player’s Handbook (PH), Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG), and rules clarifications given by the D&D game developers via Sage Advice.