As a Learn-to-Play friendly format, Epic D&D focuses on new players! Any time a group of 4 or more players signs up, we can create a new learn-to-play table. Player Characters (PCs) always start the campaign at level 1, so it’s perfect for new players to learn from the ground up.

If you have never played Dungeons & Dragons: 5th edition before, have no worries. The team of Dungeon Masters (DM Team) will help everyone learn as we play.

The Methods

The Dungeon Master team will start with Calls to Adventure (story hooks) and Job Quests for the adventurers. We will collaboratively delve into the story threads that interest the group the most. There will be chances for the tables to meet one another and canonical events that shape us all.

These sets of rules are to help with consistency between the different player characters (PCs) and tables.

We will have the all supplies needed at the table (such as the Players Handbook and character sheets), but feel free to bring note-taking supplies and a set of RPG dice. Resource packets to explain concepts such as “What Can I Do on My Turn?” will be available at the table to take home.

Feel free to ask basic questions at the table. More in-depth answers and discussions will happen on our Epic D&D Discord (a free chat platform), to ensure that game sessions times are dedicated to playing.

DMs are encouraged to have story reasons for players at Level 1 to join existing groups, or else provide newcomers a pregenerated character and allow them to “play into” the session to see if they enjoy it.

Game Session Format

For a learning player, the first 15-30 minutes prior to a session are a great time to ask a DM questions about character builds, the world, etiquette, or discuss content or story preferences. The last 30 minutes (typically 8:30-9 pm) are reserved for clean up, wrap-up discussion, leveling, and rules questions.

How long to learn?

D&D is a complex game, but we make it easy by tailoring our sessions and instruction to each player.

It’s quite easy for a new player to start on the first Tuesday of the month, and be very familiar with their character by the 2nd or 3rd session, and the rules by the end of a season (3 months).

Link to our Discord server is available through the onboarding email or upon request.