DMs are selected from among qualified applicants. DMs are paid based on the number of tickets sold and assigned to their table – successful DMs typically find that players return week after week.

While DMs are given a tremendous amount of creative freedom, typically accepted applications will include:

  • Ability to pass a background check and work with children
  • A track record of running D&D in a school, therapy, convention, library, educational setting or all of the above
  • Ability to attend the scheduled event night at Just Games Rochester for at least one full season
  • Excellent communication skills to help the other DMs facilitate interactive adventures
  • Outgoing personality and a real love of team-building and cooperative games
  • Creative background, including but not limited to teach, painting, model building, acting, improv, or other skills that make for an excellent family-friendly D&D experience
  • Familiarity with the current edition of D&D

Interested in joining the DM Team? Email us at: