A wooden board labeled "Ludos Questing Board" with leafy vines drapped above. A glass vase filled with a sparkling translucent flower and soft leaves on a small wooden side table are below.

Epic D&D has begun in full swing as a new wave of adventurers have have descended upon the burgeoning village of Flower Rock to join the Ludos Adventuring Guild’s latest division.

No sooner had the ink dried on their contracts, Quartermaster Sterling received word of a band of Ogres from the Steel Net Clan haven stolen various items from the town and run off into the nearby Vestrine Woods. The fresh recruits mobilized into smaller parties and headed straight into the fray.

Since bravely dealing with the incursion, the groups have been taking on odd jobs found on the local Questing Board to learn more about the area and its people while learning more about the threats and mysteries.

Missing butterflies at the School of Stars uncovered a possible plot of mind control at the culinary institute, an alliance was made with the thief targeting the Greatgift Winery, a portal to the Feywild harbored a hungry amphibian bent on eating folks, and the magically-infused Elven Garden is to be restored after having been saved from the spider shepherd.

A close-up image of a Ludos Rockflower prop of a glass vase filled with a sparkling translucent flower and soft leaves on a small wooden side table with leafs decorating the bottom alongside a large d20 die.

Thank you all who have joined in first chapter of the story! The Discord server has been full of inter-party roleplaying and lore submissions based off of the rich backstories that are being developed.

A close-up image of a wooden bulletin board labeled "Ludos Questing Board" filled with serveral parchment papers of various story hooks of varying sizes.

What is this? Gheel, the crow-folk town clerk, has walked up to the Questing Board and marked a few of the lingering posts in red ink! What does this mean for the town?

Join us next week to find out!


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