Parchment flyer featuring two goats with swirls of magic, advertising that All are welcome to the Flower Rock Village's 4th Great Goat Festival. Join us for a day of contests, games, art, food, races, and maybe prizes in the Red Monk Valley.

At the end of the month, crowds of townsfolk headed west out of Flower Rock towards Red Monk Valley. It was a lush grassy area that contains a crossing of leylines, mystical waves that weave themselves throughout the land to infuse the world with magic.

Members of the Ludos Adventuring Guild were finally able to come together in our first official crossover event: The Great Goat Festival.

Throughout the past weeks, have been able to send emissaries to provide aid between parties during dire moments in quests.

A map of terrain pieces of Red Monk Valley with trees and festival attractions and booths with a stone path going around.
The map that includes the mystical portal in the foreground with a gallery attraction, game booth, and wooden stage in the background.

Throughout this timed event, the DM Team regularly rotated tables so that the players could experience as many activities as possible.

Shortly after the festivities began, a few of the honored goats insisted on enjoying the attractions with the guild members.

We competed in climbing contests versus the goats, barely out-ate them, gathered ingredients from a giant bucket to make the best goatmeal, performed thematic plays with and for the beasts, held dance contests, and enjoyed booths of classic fair games for trinkets and bragging rights.

A representation of the Climb and Crawl attraction featuring a  tall rocky cliff with an overhang and a ram at the top.
On the job board hangs four pictures of goats that the players have decorated with voting jars beneath.

We dressed up our furry companions for the Garish Goat Pageant, cast our votes, and eagerly awaited Mayor Solar to announce the winner of the coveted trophy.

“What a stunning line-up of contenders for this year’s pageant, but only one can claim the prize! The votes have been tallied, and the winner of this year’s Flower Rock Garish Goat Pageant is- WHAT IS THAT!?”

Golden metal trophy swirled with stars with a muscular goat in the center labled Best In Show, The Great Goat Festival, Flower Rock Village.
A round glowing and swirling portal is surrounded by a gate and stones on a small grassy hill with a curious goat nearby.

We felt the heat before we turned to see a creature like a towering bonfire rise up from the leyline breach. Then, smaller creatures of molten flame flared out and scattered in all directions, setting the grounds alight. While the crowds scattered, some of us were separated in the confusion.

“It’s garish!”
“It’s scary!”
“What? It’s Gary??”

Each table found themselves protecting a quarter of the fairgrounds as the elemental monstrosity repeatedly rampaged through the valley. A brave warrior sacrificed themselves as the rest sought to extinguish the fires and destroy this errant force of nature.

As the chaotic creature turned its sights and began to surge towards Flower Rock Village, it was reduced to a streak of dwindling embers through our collective efforts.

For their deeds, the guild members are to be honored as heroes of the town and were infused with an arcane charm for the deeds they performed near the mystical leylines.

A section of the fairgrounds map with a large figurine of a fire elemental on a cliff towering above the various attractions now dotted with representations of flames by the glowing portal.
Photo of the five players that submitted the winning Garish Goat with their trophy. The faces of the younger adventures have been obscured.

Finally, we ended the day’s harrowing events with celebrating winner of the Garish Goat Pageant’s Best in Show: Bushwalker!

What was the cause of this attack? Was in arcane, profane, accidental, or purposeful?

Influential folks have taken notice of the skills and talents shown on this day. What does that mean for our players? The story continues to be written…

Thank you to all who were able to join us in our first dynamic (and experimental) event!

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